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System Technologies Company creates the telecommunication and information systems, promoting development and growth of our customers’ activity efficiency, due to application of high technologies, professionalism and experience of our specialists.

What distinguish us from our competitors :

  • Differentiate from box-pushing, price-oriented businesses by offering and delivering service and support;
  • Individual client-focused approach (as reluctance to standard decisions, which are vastly simplified and do not take into account specific character of this or that branch);
  • Quality product from well-known brand (minimum mistakes, maximum customizability and comfort while using);
  • Quality service (thought-out site, telephone of support, on-line support, installation, teaching personnel and specialists’ consultancy). 

We realised that success is dependent on our ability to:

  • Anticipate and meet clients needs; 
  • Adapt hard/software solutions to these needs; 
  • Identify industries/corporations that need planning tools.

Key business lines include:

  • Strategic management consulting, IT consulting, ERP implementation and service;
  • Systems integration, IT infrastructure solutions, data centers, call/contact centers, IT security systems, software integration; 
  • Telecom integration, complex network implementation, multi-service networks ; 
  • Outsourcing of business- and IT-processes; 
  • Software development; 
  • Professional trainings.

Key business lines presented by the following trends:

  • IT systems : trade enterprises complex automation and development, server and workstation production by own trade mark “Premier” , sale and support of the server and workstation, portable solutions, peripherals from well known manufactures like IBM,HP, Dell, FSC, Apple, Samsung etc. 
  • Telecommunication systems : departmental telecommunication networks, microcellular systems, IP – solutions based on the ITS-Telecom, Ericsson, Siemens and Samsung etc; telecommunication peripheral equipment : DSL equipments, multi-channel systems of voice information registration; equipment for call centers, equipment for audio and video conferencing, GSM gateways etc ;
  • Security systems: access control systems, fire-security alarm system and video monitoring;
  • Services and consulting : IT-consulting, design and development of technical solutions, hardware and software delivery, mounting, installation, starting-up and adjustment works, testing of systems, training, technical support, warranty and post-warranty services.

Thus successful and dynamic development of the System Technologies Company, which unites these activities, is based on strategic orientation on the needs of market, using the world technologies in its activities, strong ambitions of the employees.